b. 1986, HK.

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my work:
entertwine.no / citra.no

Studio adress:
C. SUndts gate 55,
Studio 302
Bergen, Norway. 


Kristina Daukintytė Aas (b. 1978 Klaipėda, Lithuania, lives in Bergen, Norway) works with digital jacquard weave, embroidery, installations, video and collage. In her works she appeals to our tactile sense through a deliberate and steady craftsmanship. She questions our perceptual understanding and the relationship we have with our surroundings.

Kristina graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2011. Since 2013, she has been working mostly with digital Jacquard weave: a technique that unites the old way of thinking on woven surface with the new digital technology. She works part time as a textile designer at Innvik AS, a weaving mill in Western Norway.

Kristina’s clear understanding of textile techniques, both through her artistic career and work in the industry gives her a reflective attitude on today´s artisanal handcraft. At the same time she is developing her own visual idiom. Her works have similarity that they change expression from looking flat and complex to having dimension and visual depth, depending on the viewer’s standpoint. Both the technical aspect and the meaning that occurs in the woven layers, provides a quiet yet disturbed message.